6 Major Reasons Why Living In Subdivision Is A Good Idea

When you’re on a home searching mission, a subdivision definitely comes to mind. A subdivision is a large group of homes which are generally similar in construction style, size, and age. Also, you live in close proximity with your neighbors and experience minimal traffic.

Therefore, what are the benefits of living in a subdivision? In this post, we’ll take you through the 6 major reasons why living in a subdivision is a good idea.

1. Added security

One of the main benefits of why you should live in a subdivision is because of the safety and privacy that comes with it. If you have children, this point is very important. Why? It’s no secret that most parents want to raise their kids in a secure environment.

A secure environment should entail things like; 24-hour security, perimeter fence and most importantly a guarded post to prevent outsiders from roaming around the neighborhood. Also, a subdivision with CCTV cameras can be a major plus.

2. Latest features and amenities

It’s very common to find subdivisions with the latest features and amenities as opposed to most constructed homes. For instance, most subdivision homes have features like master suites, appliances like water softeners, a community swimming pool, and a clubhouse. Some may even go as far as including green building materials for enhanced energy efficiency.

3. Cleaner environment

Now, this is one of the main things most people consider while searching/purchasing a new home. Be careful not to end up in a place with pollutants like smoke-benching establishments or vehicles. It goes without saying that most subdivisions are often located far from major city hubs, reducing the resident’s contact with polluted air.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a gated community with a pocket pack filled with plenty of trees and shrubs. This green open space ensures there is clean air for you to breathe. Additionally, you will greatly reduce your carbon footprint since most gated communities have their own stores, parks, gyms or even laundry shops you can access on foot.

4. Peace and quiet

Who doesn’t like to live in a place that guarantees some peace and quiet? If you’re currently living in a subdivision, you’ve probably had to contend with the odd sounds from rush hour traffic, hordes of people and crowds shopping around in malls when you leave.

This is because you’re used to that peace and quiet which can only be found when living in a subdivision. That said, subdivisions are mainly located far from city hubs and the only sound you’re likely to hear in the morning is that of chirping birds.

5. Increased home value

Most traditional families tend to raise their kids in a nice and secure neighborhood. What mainly attracts them are the benefits mentioned in the article that can only be found in a subdivision. Finding a buyer for a home close to a family-friendly city could be a very easy task. In that case, most subdivisions are located close to a developing area, hence increasing the home’s future value.

6. Living like a community

It’s very easy to develop understanding or friendships with your neighbors because you virtually meet them every day. In fact, some subdivisions are specially designed for certain target groups in the market such as start-up families, young couples or even foreign retirees. You can exchange similar ideas about gardening tips, cars, kids, and many more. To make it better, some even have a homeowner’s association responsible for organizing events like charity drives or Christmas parties for everyone.

Summing Up

So did this article help you make up your mind? Well, city life can be very exhausting with issues like traffic and pollution being the main reasons. On the other hand, an exclusive subdivision will erase all your worries. Feel free to leave us your valuable suggestions or comments in the comments section below.

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